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Sydney CAR BATTERY Mobile Replacement Service.

We, at  SYDNEY CAR BATTERY, offer  a set of exceptional services including:

  • FREE car battery delivery & installation within 1 hour/7 day. 
  • Test existing car battery.
  • Test battery charging system.,
  • Test current drain (power leakage).
  • Disposal of your old battery.

Mobile Delivery

Our mobile services unit can deliver and install your car battery on-road, at work, at home, or anywhere in the entire Sydney region, including CBD, North, South, West, and East of Sydney.

Battery Installation

While availing the services of Sydney Batteries, you would never have to resolve the issues of a dead car battery on your own. The installation steps our licensed technicians follow are listed below:

  • Test your existing battery.
  • Clean the holding tray.
  • Install the new battery.
  • Check current drain (power leakage).
  • Check car battery charging system.
  • Save Vehicle’s memory.

SYDNEY CAR BATTERY replacement services are offered for vehicles of all makes and models. Give us a call today and we’ll handle all your car battery problems.

Midtronics Test

Our licensed technicians are trained to perform a Midtronics test to check the condition of your existing battery and battery cell. This test identifies dead cells, cold cranking amp “CCA”, and other possible issues. It can be carried out wherever your vehicle is situated.

Load Test

Our licensed technician can also carry out a load test to check the power level of your battery under load.


We ensure our clients’ peace of mind with affordable rates, outstanding service, quick response, and quality batteries. All our batteries feature a special 30- or 36-month warranty. If you find any fault in our offered battery during the warranty period, give us a call right away. We will replace your car battery TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE.